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7 Clever Ideas to Save Space in Your Bathroom

7 Clever Ideas to Save Space in Your Bathroom
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Bathrooms tend to have limited spaces. And that’s just how it is usually. However, with all the toiletry products you would want to have for you and your self-care, there should still be at least some level of storage. Having said that, small bathroom space shouldn’t mean that you would have to compromise storage. You can have a small bathroom but you can still maximize its space so you can freely move around. All you need is good storage ideas to help you out.

In this article, we’ll tackle seven clever ideas for you to have some semblance of bathroom storage. So, keep reading to make the most out of your bathroom space!

  1. Think of Hanging Basket Shelves

Over toilet storage is one of the most basic and quickest ways to have additional bathroom storage. A really inexpensive but very attractive life hack is to utilize old baskets and mount them on the walls of the bathroom. These can also be placed over the toilet itself, much like how a shelf would. 

With those mounted on the wall, these baskets can then store bottles of lotions, small towels, even various kinds of makeup products.

  1. Mounting a Towel Rack

Whenever you go to the bathroom, there will always be more instances that you will be bringing a towel with you. Or whatever kind of cloth for wiping you down. Baskets and shelves would work as storage for these towels, however, it would still be better if they had storage built for them. A wall-mounted rack that is made specifically for bathroom towel storage is the best idea to go for in this situation. This is perfect for storing extra hand towels as well. Not to mention washcloths and other small bathroom essentials.

  1. Modify your Medicine Cabinet

If you already have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, then you already have some level of storage there. But, much like anything else, everything, even your usual medicine cabinet, can still be improved. One good hack would be to utilize the extra space behind the door of the medicine cabinet. Here, you can place in toothbrushes and other things that are thin enough to store. To do that, you can place in a small rack, a magnetic stripe, or a few tiny hooks to hold the said small and thin items.

The only thing to watch out for is to always remember to store and arrange the object in the door properly so you could always close up the medicine cabinet and not break it. 

  1. Organize, Organize, Organize

Sometimes even with various creative kinds of bathroom storage ideas, one of the best things to do is to organize all the objects found in the bathroom. 

You will most likely end up fumbling through drawers and shelves just to find your missing moisturizer. So, sort out all of your items into specific separate containers. This makes it easy for you to access specific things.

For small bottles and moisturizers, for example, can be stored in easy to reach areas. So those can be placed on shelves and wall-mounted storage. Big bottles of detergent and bleach should be stored in the cabinets down the floor.

  1. Reserve a specific place for the Cleaning Supplies

Speaking of all the bleach bottles and organizing, like the tip above, sorting out all the objects in the bathroom not only decreases the clutter but also helps optimize the placement and ease of access to these objects. For cleaning supplies, it’s the same. You wouldn’t want to have toxic cleaning chemicals near things that are for your skin or teeth. Mixing all of those things in one place is hazardous.

There should be a roomy extra space under the sink in your bathroom. If you have a cabinet under it, this is the perfect place for you to store all of these items.

  1. Make use of Adhesive Hooks

If you already have a few tiny cabinets present in your bathroom, you can still improve upon them, much like how we discussed the Medicine Cabinet portion. With these hooks, you can make use of behind-the-door spaces inside these various cabinets. You can store hair tools, hairdryers, bushes, and many more. This also helps in organizing all your stuff in your bathroom. 

Even if you need more space for storing, mounting a wire rack with the help of the adhesive hooks is also possible.

  1. Hanging Organizers

One of the best things humanity has invented is hanging organizers. These things are thin enough and could hang on the back or doors and various places near the wall and out of the way. 

These organizers can store all your shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower. There are various kinds, but the best ones are wire shower organizers which can combine multiple storage options like a basket or shelf that comes with a horizontal rack. Not only can that be a storage area, but you can use that to dry out towels and store other toiletry products.

And with that, it’s time to start organizing!

Adding storage in small spaces is just like solving a puzzle, a really complex puzzle. There are always ways to improve and work with what you currently have at the moment. All you need are a few creative ideas and you are good to go!

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