5 Perfect Tourist Places in Kerala You Should Not Miss

5 Perfect Tourist Places in Kerala You Should Not Miss
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

When you look at different regions of the country India, you would find diversity and abundance. And today in this post, you would get to know about some of the most wonderful spots of Kerala that you cannot miss. You know, Kerala, resting in south India, is mostly referred to as  God’s Own Country for its pristine tropical charm.  

This is the coastal state that has a destination for everyone no matter it is the beach, mountains, even adventure, wildlife, heritage or also culture you are interested in. Kerala travel would be absolutely amazing for you once you visit the perfect tourist places therein. Indeed, the pace of life in this state is slow, making it the ideal place for a memorable and leisurely holiday.

  1. Munnar: A gorgeous place 

No matter it is a November month holiday trip or even a last-moment honeymoon trip, Munnar is the perfect type of pick. It is not just a popular town but even an admired hill station located in the south-west part of Kerala. Situated at sixteen hundred meters above the sea level, Munnar is a clear convergence of the three rivers – Mudhirapuzha, Kundaly, and even Nallathanni.

The main fascination of Munnar is its luxurious green tea estates that offer fantastic views during the time of early November. In fact, they give this region an unreal type of look and feels as if it is straight from the heaven. The fog, clouds, even winding paths, and the chirping of birds are definite to construct an atmosphere one can never really skip.

  1. Vagamon

Vagamon is an incredible and exciting hill station located in the Kottayam district. The mild climate experiences the temperature variable from ten to twenty three Celsius with a height of even eleven hundred meters from sea level. With a magnetic beauty, this place is even known as The Scotland of Asia! You can even find out some adventure activities too at this place in different times of the year!

  1. Charming Silent Valley

The Silent Valley National Park is certainly one of the beautiful entrances to the well-known natural type of rainforests in Kerala. Spread across 23,752 kilometres, this huge sized park is home to a wonderful diversity of natural habitats. It is one place that echoes with charming sounds of the predominant wildlife and radiates an enigmatic appeal, that is hard to resist. The trees at this place have been reported to be more than fifty million years old. This is definitely the right place to explore and experience what Mother Nature has given you! you would have a good and pleasant time at this spot for sure.

  1. The Beguiling Alleppey

Mostly even called The Venice of the East, Alappuzha was actually founded by Raja Keshavadasa back in the year 1762. He was the Diwan of Travancore at that time. Earlier, with the European countries and even the Persian Gulf involved, Alleppey port used to be one of the busiest hubs for trade. With a mix of beach and backwaters, Alappuzha or Alleppey is even one of the magnificent destinations in Kerala to visit. The spot is situated on the coast of the Arabian Sea and even is the sixth biggest city in the region of Kerala. You would find a good time in this area for sure.

Apart from being the administrative headquarters, the place is even a perfect getaway for weekend houseboat cruise. The view of paddy fields, long canals, huge coconut trees, and even glittering water around Alleppey has made it an amazingly amusing destination. The finest possible time to see Alleppey is from November to even February. It mostly takes 1-2 full days to go to Alappuzha. No matter how many days you spend at this place, you would have a wonderful time.

  1. Varkala 

Adored for the Papanasa hills, the Varkala beach actually has a tranquil beauty linked to it. Located at the borders of the Trivandrum District, monsoons make this amazing destination adorning. The beaches, even hills, and backwaters hold the monsoons and redecorate magnificently. This is a must-visit spot when planning a trip to Kerala during the times of monsoons. You would have splendidly refreshing time here.


To sum up, you can take up Kerala Travel packages to make the most of your holiday in this region of the country. Kerala will definitely get you memories to cherish the rest of your life. 

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