Write For Us - Gemstones For Medhaavi.in

Write For Us – Gemstones For Medhaavi.in

Are you seeking opportunity for guest post then we have a happy news for you. Here at medhaavi.in we are accepting guest posts on gemstones.

Basically, a gemstone is a type of natural mineral that is primarily obtained from earth. According to our ancestors, gemstones have the power to transform a person’s life and are connected to the universe. So, we will need a folks who are knowledgeable in that area. If you are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about gemstones, we would love to have your guest post on our website. 

But, before writing and submitting your pitch, thoroughly look over the following fundamental rules and guidelines. 

Who Is Qualified To Write For Us?

As you are keen to write a guest post on gemstone, We believe you must be dedicated to producing the best possible writing. We appreciate your knowledge and dedication. We are searching for gemologists, jewellery designers, and fashion aficionados who are knowledgeable about technology and craftsmanship. Writers who are associated with the marketing and the business of gemstones and jewellery are also welcome to contribute.  Students doing jewellery design and fashion courses are also welcome to showcase their learning to our readers.

Guidelines For Submitting A Guest Post On A Gemstone-

We have the right to accept or reject any submission for a guest post. Your article must abide by the following guidelines to be acceptable for publication:

  • The article or post should be at least 1000 words in length. 
  • Your post’s subject should be relevant to gemstones and fall within the provided niches. The topics we accept on gemstone are gemstone fashion and trends, bridal and wedding gems, gemstones facts and description, gemstone technology, gemstone buying guides, gemstones care and everything related to gemstones. 
  • The article must be completely original. Plagiarized or copied articles will be rejected without hesitation.
  • Grammar errors should not be present in the content.
  • The article must be in English language.
  • Guest posts that have been submitted should not be published elsewhere.
  • The content must be engaging and persuasive. It should be appealing for the reader and aligned with the tone of our site.
  • There shouldn’t be any promotional content in the article.
  • The article will be disregarded if it makes any allusions to or contains any links to gambling, adult websites, or other pornographic material.
  • You may add images but it must be licenced, original, high quality and are relevant with your post.
  • Make sure the content should be submitted by email as a Google Doc or Word Document.
  • Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to make changes to the chosen articles at the time of its publication on website or even after it has been published.
  • Along with the article, kindly include an your introduction and a short bio. 

How Do I Submit My Article?

We count on you to thoroughly had read all of our rules and guidelines. And if you’re ready to submit your guest post, you can send us at [sales @ medhaavi.net] with the proper subject line.