Benefits of Meal Planning in Advance

benefits of meal planning
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Ever wondered, why some people, nutritionists, and dieticians advocate for planning your meal in advance. Did you ever noticed that some of your colleague has already adopted meal planning concept (planning our weekly meals, well in advance). This is all because this process i.e. ‘Planning your meal for a week’ has numerous benefits.

Take an example, if you wanted to lose some extra weight - you will plan your diet for a week so that you can stick to your diet and follow regularly to achieve your target. Guys Meal planning is one of the most important rather best things to do so that you can stay fit, get some extra time, and so on.

Here are some of the benefits you get by planning your meals in advance.

  • 1. Saves Time, Money & Efforts If you have a well-defined menu beforehand, you know exactly what you need to add to your shopping cart. This prevents you from making numerous visits to the supermarket, keeps you from picking random items off the shelf impetuously, and adds more speed and efficiency to your cooking as you have all the right ingredients laid out in front of you. Do you know that in the recent past one of the renewed magazine published a comparison between the cost of home-cooked dish V/s dish ordered from a restaurant? - you’ll be surprised it was five times lower than the food cost from the restaurant. Also if you’ll have a grocery list in your hand you can save a lot by buying at superstores during their sale-offers.
  • 2. Encourages Health An unplanned restaurant visit – because you hadn't planned a meal in advance – may lead you to exceed your daily calorie and sodium intake. One of the biggest advantages of planning out meals beforehand is that you can make maximum room for healthy choices and nutritionally well-balanced meals. This way, you can ensure all your meals include the requisite proteins, carbs, grains et al.
  • 3. Adds Variety To The Menu Many people believe that meal planning OR weekly diet plans, menu planning in advance is generally boring, can lead to repeated food/ dishes every day. Also, no one likes to see the same items on their plate Or in lunch boxes more than once or twice a week. On a contrary by adopting meal planning, you can get rid of these things and select alternate food/ dish, or you can even try new dishes, collect some new recipes from net or friends.
  • 4. Avoids Waste What's the point of loading your shopping cart on a whim when you will have to throw some items away a few days later because you never really needed them? Planning meals ahead of time steers you clear of impulsive shopping, and thus, stoping wasting food. Looks like this is exactly what you need to make your life smoother? What are you waiting for then? Get going. Do it for yourself, do it for your family, do it beginning today!
  • 5. Decreases Stress Last-minute meals are generally stressful. When you are racing against time to think about what to cook Or if you are working parent, it will definitely add some stress and anxiety. you are most likely to end up serving a not-so nutritious platter. The process should, in fact, be enjoyable and not rushed because you are cooking for those that matter the most for you. A planned menu comes handy in such situations, adding health and happiness to your mealtime.

Guys, Meal Planning is the biggest perk of my life, this gives me stress-free day, and let me focused on my work and family.

I am sure after reading this, you’ll definitely have some more questions; right to me, I’ll try and answer all your queries related to meal planning in advance.

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Benefits of Meal Planning in Advance
Benefits of Meal Planning in Advance

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