11 Best Spiritual Blogs That You Must Read

Best Spiritual Blogs That You Must Read
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Spirituality is simply a process that can bring true peace to your mind and teach you the true meaning of satisfaction. Spirituality permits you to investigate the true meaning and purpose of life and to infuse it with positivity. It alleviates death anxiety as well as other insecurities. It also aids in the resolution of attachment problems and other issues.that are related to life. Spiritual life has a major impact on both professional and personal life. But what exactly does it mean to be spiritually wellness? Spiritual wellness encompasses the values and beliefs that give meaning to one’s life.

If you have arrived at this page, you’re definitely either spiritual or seeking advice to help you enter the wonderful spirituality world. These below 11 spiritual blogs will assist you in comprehending and nurturing your spirituality. Read on!

1. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is one of the best spiritual blogs out there. It was founded in 2009 by Lori Deschene. The website contains stories, tips, and insights from readers of every age group from around the world. Their articles on Buddhism will astound you. Their content is simple to read, relevant, accessible, and pertinent to daily life. The articles are written from a Buddhist perspective, but they are applicable to everyone. Happiness, love, relationships, improvement, purpose, mindfulness, spirituality, simplicity, minimalism, and letting go are all topics covered on the blog. Tiny Buddha combines cuteness and levity with insight and wisdom. Undoubtedly, this blog is a must-read if you would like to learn about everything from recovery from abuse to current events.

2. God Space

God Space

God Space contains an incredible collection of work and is a community in which writers share life lessons based on their Christian practices and beliefs. Christine Sine founded and facilitated it. It also offers extensive resources to assist you in living a well-maintained and sustainable life. It is an open space where individuals can freely make a decision on how they intend to approach their spirituality. 

This is an absolute must-read if you want a free-spirited blog that allows you to convey your feelings and thoughts. God Space is particularly Christian, but it is a broad, progressive spectrum of Christian practice which is a pleasant change for so many.

3. Zen Habits

Zen Habits

Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits might be a good choice. The fact that this is a spiritual blog with a minimalistic approach is the best part. This blog is packed with life lessons about simplicity, mindfulness, and taking one step at a time. You will definitely be inspired by their articles. So what’s holding you back? Discover how to live and lead a happy and prosperous life.

4. I Love Devotionals

 I Love Devotionals

Another spiritual blog from a Christian perspective is I Love Devotionals. Wendy, the author, is a young woman with a lot of knowledge to discuss. It emphasizes spirituality as the foundation of the healing process, regardless of whether the illness involves physical, mental, or emotional distress. Wendy was inspired to begin this blog after her husband went through agonizing cancer treatments. After this, she’s been writing devotional essays for anyone going through a health crisis or any other struggle on her blog, I Love Devotionals. Her articles are succinct, readable, and persuasive, making her blog one of our top choices for this list. 

5. On Being

On Being

On Being is another great spirituality website. On Being has been in existence for quite some time. I first found it as a podcast, and only later did I realize there was a blog associated with the NPR show. For each show, there are transcripts, photos, and extras on the blog. However, it also includes articles written by a diverse range of authors that complement one of the episodes. 

Krista Tippett interviewed Ruby Sales in a recent episode, and there are articles on the blog about white supremacy and race in America. They give you more to think about after you’ve finished listening to the episode (or read the transcript.) 

6. Blessing Manifesting

 Blessing Manifesting

If you are one of those people who is sceptical of “positive thinking” and “manifesting,” Blessing Manifesting will completely change your mind. It’s a perfect destination for positivity and inspiration online. Dominee Calderon, the blog’s originator, is enthusiastic about inspiring people to love themselves. The main focus of the website is self-care, self-love, mental health, and other topics and it’s no surprise that so many people read this blog.. That self-care is soul care, and that spirituality cannot be done well unless we care for our entire selves. Her articles will definitely motivate you to build your own step, find your own happiness, and live a good and happy life.

7. The Daily Meditation

The Daily Meditation

The Daily Meditation is one of the most popular and well-known spiritual blogs, and it is the go-to resource for almost anything that is related to meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. They are on a goal to bring enlightenment in all of our lives. The Daily Meditation believes in all meditation techniques, which include Buddhist meditation techniques, Zen meditation techniques, mantra, mudras, yoga meditation, and many others, and provides authoritative study, tools, and lessons. 

You will find advice on how to be a happier and healthier person, to help you grow in your faith. You should look into this wonderful spiritual blog.

8. Killing The Buddha 

Killing The Buddha

Killing the Buddha is an online magazine as well as one of finest spiritual blogs, founded in 2000 by Jeff Sharlet and Peter Manseau. This blog covers politics, culture, and religion. Consider this: we previously had the Tiny Buddha, now we are killing him. Killing the Buddha tries to appeal to me on my darkest of days, when the rugged dirtiness of life has intruded and I desire to be reminded that this, as well, is part of the spiritual life, and that healing and wholeness are not incompatible with real life. 

Their topics are diverse: spiritual awakening, spiritual practice, meditation, personal development, spiritual healing, relationships, theology, food, death, suffering, and more. We strongly advise you to read this blog if you want to learn more about religion, culture, and even politics.

9. Crazy Whole Life

Crazy Whole Life

Another popular spiritual blog is Crazy Whole Life. This blog, established by Josephine Robertson, assists people in identifying their values, living an authentic life, and making good choices they are glad of. Robertson wants us to realize that having a spiritual life is not something we add on at the end of the day. Actually, we practise spirituality every day of our lives. 

Robertson can help you here, if you are focused on changing your life, really would like to take decisions that reflect your objectives and values, develop your mind, heart, and soul, etc.

10. Medhaavi.in


Medhaavi.in offer practical advice and tools for incorporating spirituality into daily life. You will find the insight you need through reading detailed and helpful articles on topics like Reiki, meditation, spiritual awakening, and many more. In addition to spirituality, they give you the utmost of food, recipes, food guides, health and wellness to guide you eat a healthy diet, sleep better, and connect with yourself. So, to live a peaceful life, master the art of self-healing.

11. Spiritually And Practice

Spiritually And Practice

This website is devoted to offering resources for individuals of all religions following the various spiritual journeys and paths. Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat founded this multifaith and interspiritual website. Their fundamental understanding is reflected in the name of the website: Spiritually and Practice are the two places where the world’s religions and spiritual paths converge. They honor the variations in cultural traditions and cherish what they have in general. They share articles on a wide range of topics including process musings, practicing democracy, and spiritual literacy. 

How Can We Live More Spiritually In Our Everyday Lives?

The following are some daily rituals that you can implement in your own spiritual journey:

  • Follow the present without thinking about the past or the future.
  • Become more self-aware and conscious.
  • Adopt a regular, practical approach to your life and living.
  • Increase the depth of your relationship with God.
  • Increasing awareness of spirit’s presence.

Final Words

There are a plethora of spiritual blog websites to choose from, and we have compiled a list of the 11 best Spiritual Blogs to follow In 2022. We expect that this above list of the best spiritual blogs helps you find what you are looking for. It is worthwhile to invest some time in following these blogs. 

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