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Are you looking for a blog where your guest post can be published? We’re seeking high-quality blog content to add to our site’s value. We want you to write about Vastu and feng shui for us if you have any content linked to our blogs that might add value to our content. So, before submitting your content to us, make sure you go through our submission guidelines.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • At least 1000 words must be included in the article.
  • The article’s topic and title must both be relevant to Vastu and feng shui.
  • It should be written in English. It should be clear and relevant to our audience.
  • The guest post must be unique and offer fresh views on the topic that haven’t been published elsewhere.
  • We review and approve all posts before they are published. We reserve the right to modify or reject any post we find irrelevant or unhelpful.
  • Please note that the content should be emailed in the form of a Google Doc or Word Doc.
  • Provide original, licensed, or public domain images that are relevant and of extremely high quality.
  • Make sure to produce an article with short paragraphs and subheadings so that our readers aren’t bored while reading and can easily digest the content.
  • Content written to sell products/services or advertorials will never be accepted by us. It isn’t allowed to be promotional.
  • Before submitting your post, double-check that it is not plagiarized from other websites and that it is free of spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Don’t forget to provide an author’s short bio, a photo, and a link to your website; we’ll post this at the end of the piece.

Ready To Submit Your Article?

Send us your article at sales [at] Medhaavi.net