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Write For Us- Gambling

Write For Us Gambling

We at Medhaavi are always looking for new writers and professional content writers from all around the world to ‘write for us’ on the topic of gambling. Our primary objective is to give informative and useful information for our readers that follow our blog. 

To be a guest writer on our blog, you don’t need any professional qualifications or prior experience; all you need is a passion for writing and having something unique and interesting to share with our readers. 

Guest Posting Guidelines

Please ensure that your guest post article fulfills our submission guidelines before submitting it to us. 

  • 1000 words is the absolute minimum, although you could go more. 
  • Guest posts must be completely unique. We will check for plagiarism and will never allow articles or even parts of articles that have been plagiarized. 
  • Along with the article, include a high-quality featured image in PNG or JPEG format. Ensure that the image isn’t protected by copyright.
  • Make doubly sure your guest posting piece is well-written and free of errors such as typos and punctuation. 
  • Your guest blogging content must be about “Gambling” if you want to write for us. 
  • You must write your gambling article in standard English. 
  • Please provide a short bio of the author at the bottom of the post, along with links to your website.
  • You may not publish your article elsewhere if it is accepted and published by us. 
  • Do not write content that is promotional.

How can You Submit Your Article?

Send your content in a separate Word Doc file or Google Doc as well as an image to medhaavimishra @ gmail.com with the subject “Gambling Guest Post” in the subject line.

Your article will be reviewed by our editorial team, and if it is valuable to our readers, we will publish it and inform you.