What makes makeO aligners better, safer, and trustworthy?

On a mission to make people smile, makeO is changing the way people get their teeth straightened. An aligner brand launched in 2018 by four veteran orthodontists-turned-entrepreneurs, makeO is successfully bridging the gap between expertise, technology, comfort, and of course, teeth.

Taking the baton forward from traditional metallic methods, makeO aligners are making the teeth straightening journey ‘comfortable’ for all. A word you’d never imagine to see in the same sentence as teeth straightening, makeO is making it possible. And along with comfort, the aligners are also clear and result-oriented. Which only means getting your teeth straightened does not have to be painful or painstaking anymore. 

This leads us to the question: how exactly is makeO doing it?

Just like everywhere else, the dental industry was booming. Technology was rapidly thriving its way through. makeO took it as an opportunity to capitalize on technology and combine it with expertise and comfort to launch its aligner service under toothsi. The 4 founders wanted to give people a teeth-straightening experience that wouldn’t meddle with their day-to-day routine. Basically, something effortless yet with effective results.

So, they decided to make makeO aligners different from others— that is, better, safer and trustworthy. Having designed close to 1,50,000 smiles (and counting!), makeO’s fast-growing service is backed by:

  1. India’s largest manufacturing facility:

makeO has one of India’s largest manufacturing facilities (20,000 sq. ft.) for teeth aligners. It is also ISO-certified for high quality and credibility.

  1. International standard aligner sheets:

The highly-resilient 3-layer polyurethane sheets used to make your teeth aligners are imported from the US, Germany and South Korea. They are USFDA-approved, which means they are safe for oral use, and CE-certified, making them safe for your health and the environment. makeO aligners are also transparent, clear, and bio-compatible.

  1. Best industrial-grade 3D SLA printers:

Precision is important for customization and making fine movements on your teeth to bring out desired results. Hence, the experts use the best-in-class and industrial-grade 3D SLA printers that work with resolution and precision (of up to 10-20 microns) to create the perfect aligners for your teeth.

  1. India’s first-ever robotic aligner trimming machine:

To aim for comfort, they turned to cutting-edge technology. Every aligner at makeO is trimmed and polished by India’s first-ever robotic aligner trimming machine. It ensures the aligners have smooth and comfortable edges that won’t chafe gums or the inner side of the cheeks. This also helps in customising your aligners so they fit on your teeth perfectly.

  1. Experienced in-house orthodontists:

Besides the founders who are veteran orthodontists, makeO has a team of 100+ orthodontists and dentists with experience over 10 years, to assess and supervise your aligner journey. Which means your teeth are in the best care all the time!

  1. Virtual monitoring via the makeO app:

Here comes convenience! You don’t have to chase orthodontists for clinic appointments once you come aboard. You can reach out to the orthos via the makeO app for all your doubts and queries. Besides, they will be available to you at every step of your journey until the very end.

  1. Hands-on customer care service:

Along with the orthodontists, you will be assigned a smile partner from the beginning of your journey. The smile partner will always be available to guide and assist you throughout your journey at makeO.

  1. Pan India presence via home, clinic, and experience centre facilities:

makeO is omnipresent in India! You can reach out to them for scan at-home, partner clinics or experience centres to start your makeO journey. And in cities where they are not available, people can order an impression kit. Learn more about it below!

What is an impression kit?

makeO has an impression kit option for those who are unable to book an at-home or clinic appointment. The kit allows you to make a teeth impression by yourself at home but under the virtual supervision of an orthodontist. Simply put, makeO is reachable to everyone in India!

Spreading its footprints one city at a time, makeO is quickly growing its network of partner clinics and experience centres all across the country. All you have to do is book an appointment, be it at home or clinic, or you can even walk in at the nearest experience centre to start your aligner journey with them.

What does a makeO teeth aligners journey look like?

We’ll take you through it step-by-step below:

  1. Visit the makeO website or download the makeO app.
  2. Book an appointment at home, clinic, or experience centre.
  3. Once booked, your teeth are scanned at the respective place of appointment.
  4. The orthodontists and tech experts assess your teeth scan to make a 3D virtual plan of what your future smile will look like.
  5. The plan is shared with you, and only once you approve and make the payment, your aligners are sent for production.
  6. The aligners are delivered to your doorsteps within 25 working days.
  7. It doesn’t end here. Your smile partner (customer care executive) will arrange a virtual consultation with an orthodontist who will help you with your first aligner fittings.
  8. You and your orthodontists will stay in touch via the makeO app until the desired results are met.

Creating a new benchmark for customer satisfaction not only with their teeth aligners but also overall service, makeO is on a mission to make people smile more confidently. As a matter of fact, their teeth straightening service is also termed as smile makeOver to make the journey all about smiles for its customers.

And that’s not all, makeO has extended its convenience mantra to its packages as well. Offering premium quality teeth aligners at pocket-friendly prices, they also have super-affordable EMI options starting at as low as Rs. 2786/ per month!

makeO’s two packages are:

toothsi easy (when your smile makeOver is simple): Rs. 59,999/-

toothsi prime (when your smile makeOver needs extra care): 74,999/-

Teeth straightening service has certainly come a long way from traditional methods. Although makeO is staying true to how the teeth are straightened (just like braces for teeth), the brand has only made the process more comfortable, convenient and effortless for the customers. 

To know more about makeO or book an appointment, you can visit the makeO website now.

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