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The Journey of Workshaala, by Manoj Khandelwal

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

A Walk towards Heights

One day while sitting at a coworking space, he was thinking that what if he started his own coworking space. Then workshaala happened, a small idea with a big vision to provide affordable co-working space company was solely started By Manoj Khandelwal. This is Bangalore’s largest non-funded coworking space which is paving its way for further success.

He portrays his journey in this way.


“The registration of the company was done in 2012, but we started functioning in 2013. I had a consulting company, where all the employees used to work in some other co-working space. Their business model was not up to the mark and required a lot of fixing. I started observing them and it struck my mind that why not start a similar space with better customer service and transparency. The plan came into action when we started a small place with 40 seats in Bellandur.

The sold-out of the company showed us huge scope for coworking spaces in the market. My love for the business model had made me focus on this completely. We kept on starting some centres across the city and the business boomed in 2016 that gave us a kickstart”.

Now, when we talk about a vision, it comes with a hefty price and maybe financial planning and stewardship.

He says“There was a step by step planning and it took about one and a half year to open the second centre. By the time the third and our main Centre was on the pipeline, I had revenue that was generated by the other two centers. We didn’t rush into spending the whole amount at once but waited until we got a good deal that intended to help us in revenue”.

A Bad Quarter of an hour

As every success happens only over a few failures. Here is a failure too which lead to the success we are talking about and this is a piece of “When I started the second centre in Banaswadi, which didn’t really do good in business was when I hit failure. The location of the area at that time wasn’t supporting so, we decided to introduce price cut and other strategies to balance out”.

Sleep with Business

You might have heard people asking to be a workaholic but do you generally think about your work while you sleep. Manoj quotes “When you are into business, you have to live with it. We have to sleep with the heaviness of business on our shoulders 24/7, then only you can solely give 100 per cent. Success and failure both bring tension and you cannot detach yourself from work after 7 pm. It doesn’t work like that”.

Next few years

Who knows what the future holds, but we all plan anyway. Here is what it really means when it comes to Workshaala“ We have upgraded to the idea managed spaces with the old coworking spaces. The problem solving of big parent companies with small start-ups is an add on to us. 50 companies have started exploring options with us and in future, our transparency and customer support will prove to be a boom in the business. It is my vision that from three lakh sq ft, we would be hitting to nearly five million”.

A piece of Advice

Advice is “Make sure your offerings are absolutely clear, transparent with best and class services promising at an affordable cost. Whatever you say should be a part of whatever service you provide”. My father always told me to serve your customer with complete care and that is what I have been doing”.

Employees vs customers


Office mates are our second family because these days we spend most our time in the workplace. He adds“Without employees and good work front, no business is run successfully. Anyway, they will be the pillars of the company and customers are part of the family. My philosophy is to provide the best environment and work culture so that the team can feel that the office is not less than home”. If one does a job diligently, customers will always have positive ties with you”.

A business’s success is not measured by the turnover but by customer’s satisfaction.

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