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Reasons Why Monopoly is Still One of the Most Popular Games

Reasons Why Monopoly is Still One of the Most Popular Games
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Everyone is familiar with Monopoly, a board game that teaches us from childhood to acquire ownership of various objects and charge other players rent for using them. The game first appeared in the 30s of the 20th century, when the United States was struggling and since then the game has managed to attract the attention of numerous people worldwide.

Nowadays, Monopoly is being actively played in the whole world. Even though some people assume it was invented to demonstrate the evil side of capitalism, the essence of the game, the possibility to hang out with friends and family is what makes it still one of the most famous table games in the world. The trend is especially visible in India, where plenty of youngsters play it alongside their friends. Let’s have a look at the main reasons why the game is in demand across the world.

The Game is Constantly Developing

Compared to the initial version of the game, Monopoly has gone through numerous changes and we have got a lot of variations of the game. From time to time the game is modified, and you will see a lot of themes ranging from movies to TV shows. Because of the fact that the game is changing and newer versions are released, people are still interested in the game.

Monopoly as a Form of Online Gambling

Actually, not a lot of people are aware of the fact that the board game can be played for real money in numerous online casinos. Compared to other forms of gambling, Monopoly may not be the first option, but casinos are adding this game in their repertoire. That being said monopoly live is also a popular choice, where you can actually play the game in a live mode against real people and fully enjoy the thrilling experience. In India, for example, alongside other traditional poker games monopoly is widely played online. The trend has seen upwards direction in the past few years.

Financial Basics

Does not matter how old you are, the game can teach you one of the most important basics in finances. You can understand how rents work, how investmens and purchase of a particular company is executed. No one is saying that you will understand the whole economy but for beginners, this is an excellent possibility to learn something new.

You Can Play It Anywhere

When you are playing monopoly with friends or family, everything seems to be enjoyable. If you are tired of traditional games, drinking, dancing, the game is a perfect way to relax and do something productive. In addition, monopoly continues for a long time, but in some cases you won’t understand that a lot of time has passed.

At the same time, monopoly can be played outside, at home, in the bar or any place where you can just bring the game.

The Gameplay is Excellent

If you have played monopoly, you will understand that the gameplay is excellent and fun to follow. There are no strategies that you can use, but the factor of luck is what makes a lot of players engage deeply in the game. Roll the dice and the fate will be decided randomly.

We have also mentioned that new versions of the game have been released in recent years. The game does not stand still and as new themes are coming publicly, it raises the interest of people even more.

Everyone Can Play Monopoly

When you are playing Monopoly, the game can be equally interesting for both young and older generations. There are no restrictions on the game and sometimes older people tend to be enjoying the gameplay more than younger ones. The gameplay is engaging and sometimes grandparents and grandchildren can try out the game together. In India, when people are meeting each other, they are frequently playing this game.

The Game is Educational

While the game grants you the possibility and power to bankrupt your friends and build a massive empire, monopoly is educational too. The game teaches you how to be stable, persistent and achieve your goals effectively. Proper management is also one of the main points the game touches comprehensively. You are required to determine what is the main priority for you – what you are going to do in the next step.

Monopoly Deattaches You from Smartphones

In the modern world, a lot of people are too dependent on smartphones and they cannot take their heads out of mobile phones. When you are playing monopoly, the full focus is required – you cannot just play monopoly and surf the Internet. Eventually you will fail and lose the game, which is something you do not want to do.

It is a Great Way to Interact With People

Monopoly is an excellent way to get acquainted with new people and be more interactive. While you are playing the game, you are talking with them, discussing different subjects and eventually it forms a bond with them. Within a few minutes, you will be fully immersed in the game.

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