Is Odoo ERP integration the future of competitive advantage for businesses?

Odoo ERP integration
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

For many business owners, a completely integrated ERP system is one of the convenient solutions for their business. It is possible for the businesses to invest in the one stop ERP solution if it is cost effective for their business. 

What if we tell you that integrating your company’s management process into a single streamlined ERP system can create a competitive advantage for your business?

It’s not new knowledge that integrated Odoo ERP systems improve the collaboration, efficiency, and performance of your team whilst enhancing their interdepartmental capabilities. However, we still see the inefficiencies of many organisations that are stuck with outdated traditional systems that incorporate multiple programs to perform basic business activities.

As a reputed third party integration services provider, we raise the question: what are the business benefits of using an integrated ERP system like Odoo?

Replacing multiple traditional systems with the one integrated system can be a scary thought, especially for those who are using the traditional systems since long. But not any more.

Drawing from our experience handling and helping businesses over the years, these are the key reasons why an integrated system can provide you with a competitive advantage.

Advantages of integrated Odoo ERP Systems

  1. Single source for all the process management

Being one of the leading Odoo App Customization and Odoo ERP implementation provider companies in India, we engage with many small business owners and listen to their ERP requirements and issues. Often we see businesses coming to us for help as they’re juggling between the multiple spreadsheets to keep their business running. When we ask them why they haven’t implemented their data into a ‘single-source-of-integrated system, they often say that they don’t know how to start or they think it is too complex and expensive.

Having an integrated system with a flexible module enables you to improve your internal processes. It is performed through utilisation of  a single source of data, eliminating multiple touch points.

While eliminating duplicate manual processes is one side of the argument, utilising an integrated system also ensures that your data is cleansed in the process as your team are working collaboratively on the master data.

  • Integrated ERP systems are user friendly

One of the biggest benefits of utilising an Odoo ERP system is that your single source of processed data is available to all staff eliminating barriers. There is no need to invest in new integrations, worry about applying for the different licenses, employee training, etc. Everyone has access to everything at just a single place.

3 – Save time, improve efficiency, improve business revenue

Not only is there a reduction in costs, but the productivity gains are endless. From implementing a fully integrated module system, your business no longer needs to rely on any other solutions for your daily business management tasks.  As a result, the overall business system can become smoother and an easy to use process that improves the overall efficiency.

Utilising an integrated Odoo ERP system in India allows you to easily switch between separate tasks eliminating time-consuming back and forth processes. Every business uses multiple management process softwares from accounting, management, HR to resource planning to carry out their business operations. It all requires separate login details, licensing costs, training and implementation.

A fully integrated and implemented Odoo system improves your efficiency and performance by allowing your team to spend more time getting the job done rather than navigating their way through different management solutions.

What makes them successful? Being able to seamlessly collaborate.

Integrated ERP systems like Odoo enhance inter-department and international collaboration. This means faster response times, no barriers to communication and results in seamless collaboration.

4 – Reduced Dependencies on Multiple vendors

If you utilise multiple solutions to manage your business, integrating them into the one platform not only reduces your overall management costs but also makes life easier as you are reducing the number of system providers.

Costs that can be reduced in the below given categories:

  • IT Management and Support Costs
  • Training Costs
  • Error Costs

Although the general consensus is that an ‘all in one ERP system’ is going to be more expensive than several third-party systems (which it might be depending on the provider), when you consider the opportunity costs of managing the additional systems, more often than not you will come out ahead.

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