How Do Bookies Make Money?

How Do Bookies Make Money?
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Bookies are the online betting platforms you are using to bet on various sports matches. There are various bookie sites available online, such as bookie in Canada, and each bookie site will offer their own rates, bet prices, transaction fees, and so on.

How do bookies make money? Here are some ways bookies can make money from their online betting platforms:

  1. Bookies Make Money from the Margin of their Bet Price

To win a certain bet on the bookie site, you need to place a certain wager. For instance, you can win a $100 bet when you place a $120 wager. With this $120 wager you place, the bookie site is earning the margin of $20 for the bet you are placing. The bookie needs to ensure that the bets are in balance, meaning that people are betting on both teams with a 50:50 ratio. When this happens, no matter which team wins, the bookie will always make profits.

Each bookie will put different margins for their bets. The one thing that is sure is that the bookies will always require you to pay a higher wager price than the bet you can earn from your wager.

  1. Ensuring the 50:50 Ratio for the Bets

Another strategy that the bookies will follow to ensure consistent profits for their business is that they need to ensure the 50:50 ratio for the bets. The 50:50 ratio for the bets will give the bookie an advantage to make profits regardless of the outcome of the match. No matter who wins the match, the bookie will always make profits from the wagers or bet prices they have determined for each match.

However, sometimes the ratio is not 50:50 for the match, which in this case, the bookie might be at a disadvantage. For instance, if the bet ratio is 75% for Team A and 25% for Team B, and then Team A wins the match, then the bookie will need to pay more than they have earned from the wager. Thus, for most bookies, they will always try to create a balanced bet ratio for each match to give them guaranteed profits.

  1. Additional Fees

Bookies can also make money from the additional fees they apply on their website. For instance, most bookies will charge the winning fees from the winning bets to add into their income source. Also, they might charge transaction fees when the players perform certain actions on their platform, such as depositing money into their accounts or withdrawing money from their accounts.

These additional fees add more to the income sources for the bookies, which can help them keep their business operations running. Different bookies will charge different fees for the users, so you might find that some bookies are “cheaper” than the others regarding the fees they charge for their winning bets, wagers, deposits, and withdrawals.


These are some ways bookies make money out of their betting platforms. In most cases, bookies will always make profits in their business operations, regardless of the outcome of the match. However, sometimes, bookies might also lose money because of various reasons, such as unbalanced betting ratio, mismanagement, and others.

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