5 Most Important Washing Machine Properties

5 Most Important Washing Machine Properties
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

With technological advancements, human living standards are also rising but definitely, the convenience comes with a price tag on it. One of the most dependable inventions for humans is a Washing Machine. You would rarely see any household without having the top washing machine for the user concerning their budget. In India, you have an option to choose from Semi-Automatic and Automatic Washing Machines. Most of the time, consumers make decisions based on the price factor because there is no one to communicate the features they can utilize after losing their pockets. Therefore, in this article, we are going to focus on the 5 most useful features of a washing machine which you must look for while buying the washing machine for your abode.

5 Most Important Washing Machine Properties

10 most useful properties of a Washing Machine

  1. Capacity:

This is one of the most important factors in a washing machine. The capacity of a washing appliance directly depends upon the number of persons in a family. For example, if you have 2-3 members in your family, a 6-6.5 KG washing machine is an ideal option for you. If there are 4-6 members, consider buying a 7-8 kg washing machine, if more than 6 members, go for a washing machine with more than 8 Kg capacity. Please note, if you will end up overloading the washer, it will result in poor cleaning performance. In the longer run, it will also deteriorate the durability of the washer. 

  1. RPM:

Many of the consumers are still confused about what the term RPM refers to. So a washing machine has two purposes, one is to wash and the other one is to dry. RPM(Revolutions Per Minute) refers to the spinning speed or the drying speed of the appliance. Higher the RPM, the higher the drying capability of the appliance. If you live in a cold region or an area with less sun exposure, I would recommend you to go with a washing machine that offers at least 1000 RPM of spinning speed.

  1. Wash Cycles:
    Usually, even most of the economical washers are equipped with required wash cycles for fabrics like cotton, denim, and wool. But if you are the one who wears textiles made up of silk or maybe some other heavy fabric materials, you need to have a check on what type of wash cycles a washing machine offers. Some washers are also equipped with express wash cycles which are targeted at treating less soiled garments at a rapid pace. Also, automatic tub cleaning wash cycles are useful for maintaining the germ and allergen-free environment in the container.
  2. Additional Features:
  3. Digital Inverter Technology
    This is one of the most talked-about technologies and helps in consuming only the required amount of electricity based on the load. For example, if you are washing less load on someday, the washer will consume less energy and more load on another day, the consumption will also increase. People living in colder regions end up saving a considerable amount of electricity. Moreover, this feature is the most helpful if you’re buying a washer for a long time.
  1. Impeller versus Agitator:
    However, manufacturers have worked on improving the agitator’s harsh behavior with the garment but the lower-end models are still believed to hurt the life of the fabric. An impeller is designed to function with higher cleaning performance and the least negative impact on the garment fibers.
  1. Automatic Detergent Dosage:
    This is one of the features a washing machine operator might find very helpful as less than the required detergent can result in compromising the cleaning performance of the washer. More than the optimum amount would lead to residual deposits on the textile surface.
  1. Water Filling Technologies:
    Some of the brands like whirlpool are also focusing on technologies that would help in fast water filling. Whirlpool has named this ZPF technology.
  1. After Sales Service:
    One of the most ignored parameters by the buyers is they don’t look for the after-sales service as an important factor. According to my experience, it is important to look for the quality of the service a brand delivers in your area. The best way out is to consider researching online or just ask your neighbors to have different feedback.

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