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5 Important E-Commerce Shipping Considerations – A Startup Guide

E-Commerce Shipping Considerations - A Startup Guide
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Opening a business for the first time can be nerve-racking for online sellers and entrepreneurs alike. You may have a polished list of products to sell and great deals with huge discounts, but for some reason, you’re not earning as much as you thought you would. If you relate to this situation, it’s not the end of the world for startup businesses. Most probably, something is lacking and needs to be incorporated into your marketing strategies.

One of the most common problems that business owners face is how to handle shipping concerns on any e-commerce platform. Many people do not realize how a shipping fee can significantly impact the sales turnout of a company. For this reason, it is essential to scrutinize a few factors.

This article will discuss the definition of brand recognition, how one can take control of one’s business, and how to develop brand recognition. Simultaneously, the article will tackle five important e-commerce shipping considerations that online marketers should keep in mind.

What is Brand Recognition

According to Investopedia, the term ‘brand recognition’ pertains to the ability of consumers to tell one brand apart from the others based on its recognizable attributes. Brand recognition is highly used in the marketing and advertising departments, especially during campaign launches. 

A company is considered successful in brand recognition when people can point out what products or services you offer from their familiarization of your branding. Suppose you create visual and auditory cues that strike and stick to your audience. In that case, they are more likely to develop a recognition of your brand. The manifestation of it will reflect on the audience’s awareness of your brand’s logos, slogans, packaging, color palette, jingles, and more. They’ll know what your brand is all about beyond its name.

Before implementing the core of your brand recognition strategies, companies will need to conduct extensive marketing research and determine the probability of their campaign’s success. Always remember to back up your business approach with studies.

Take Control of It

Digital footprints exist for anyone who has engaged with some online activity, from Google searches to social media page reviews. For as long as you have a username, you are likely to be found on a page that you’ve recently visited. As a business, you want to have the same thing: a presence felt and acknowledged by many potential buyers.

For startups that want to flourish over time, they’ll need to concentrate on building information to generate growth on their personal brand. The first thing we need to answer before delving into the hows is what businesses get from taking control of their image. What is the positive impact of navigating through brand recognition? Here are five main reasons why you should start steering the wheel:

  1. Your values are established
  • People acquire perceptions of your brand according to what they can see.
  • Making a professional first impression will boost your likeability towards clients.
  • You get to choose the core principles of your brand strategically instead of letting the public opinion determine what you believe in.
  1. You get to control your reputation
  • Your corporate reputation can immensely mirror behavior and talent.
  • Having a branding for one’s identity is what drives reputation while communicating with strangers who visit your page.
  • Appealing to the audience should manifest in your self-promoting behavior; you need to anchor your goals to be the best candidate for viewers who are considering a purchase from your brand.
  1. You can expand your network
  • While you establish your brand, it should simultaneously allow you to meet new people who have an existing network of people to connect you with.
  • Networking is a technique where you strategically contact those already connected to your company.
  • Solidifying your linkage with people can be further improved by face-to-face meetings or virtual discussions. This way, a group of people can help you build a sense of brand recognition.
  1. Your brand grows with you
  • Instead of following the conventional swapping of business cards, an increasing network can happen by introducing social media pages or websites to those who you already know personally.
  • Continued growth in brand recognition will happen if you keep your pages up-to-date with information.
  • Publishing certifications and specializations of your brand adds to the digital information that will speak for itself.
  1. You are able to set and conquer goals
  • Aligning your brand with your goals will aid you in achieving your target—be it sales, online engagement, or brand awareness.
  • Moving in a particular direction allows your brand to stand out from the crowd of competitors through its highlighted attributes.
  • Your digital presence tells a message, and this message will embody a value. The message should also adapt to your ever-changing objectives.

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Developing Brand Recognition

The influence of brand recognition on your business’ success is undeniably essential. Though it is a strenuous and complex process, it is possible to succeed in this task. You can condition yourself to believe that the rest will come naturally once brand recognition has been achieved. These are a couple of factors that can surely give you better brand recognition:

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the target audience
  • A culture that exudes grit and passion
  • Consistency in delivering quality work and effort
  • Having a value proposition or statement of promise
  • Exposure to top-notch advertisement strategies

Investing in brand recognition is something that you ought to look forward to because of its improved user experience; it increases trustworthiness and reduces price sensitivity. The advantages are limitless. Partnered with the right e-commerce shipping solutions, and even a startup business can outsmart its competitors.

E-Commerce Shipping Considerations

How your company packages, ships, and tracks the package until it has arrived at your customer’s doorstep can do so much more for your brand recognition. With today’s fast-paced and web-driven society, shipping should be more accessible than before.

In an e-commerce world like Amazon, you would know that the minimum waiting time should be no later than two days. Other stores garner attention for their shipment urgency when you think about it. Aside from shipping speed, what other shipping tactics need to be examined? Here are five essential considerations:

  1. The cost, currency, and international market

There are additional expenses that come from shipping overseas. This is because of factors such as customs duties, tariffs, import taxes, fuel surcharges, and more. These incurred charges may also result from the product’s weight, material, or dimensions. Depending on the shipping solutions company you partner with, some may require tax costs from you. In contrast, others directly ask consumers to shoulder the costs.

  1. The legal implications and considerations

Compliance with the law is an essential part of running an online business and keeping your organization’s reputation in a good light. There are legal requirements when it comes to providing shipping services. Among these requirements are licensing (for international shipping), provision of custom forms for products that reach a specific dollar limit, and adherence to import and export laws. There are goods, merchandise, and products that are strictly prohibited in some countries. For example, historically conservative and religious nations ban alcoholic beverages in many states, cities, or provinces.

  1. The shipping providers, tracking, and delivery time

Numerous shipping providers around the globe have options that may tickle your fancy. Suppose you’re hesitant about high-quality shipping due to the chances of it being expensive. In that case, you’ll need a shipping guide to USA from Canada. Contrary to popular belief, affordable options do not compromise the standard quality of shipping. A high-caliber shipping provider, as mentioned earlier, can be determined for its method of storing goods, packaging products, guaranteed damage-free shipping, parcel location tracker, and prompt delivery.

  1. The customer satisfaction review or rating

Brand recognition can change drastically because of negative or positive customer reviews. This subject rationalizes the significance of a 24/7 customer service team that resolves emerging problems and eradicates confusion among the customers. There will undoubtedly be feedback regarding your company’s performance, and responding to the testimonials is a reflection of your organization’s reputation. Aim for securing mutual understanding and state any contingencies right away. In shipping across the border, common problems are related to Canada to US shipping time, tracking, and product returns. You can make up for this using software showing live updates of return status and parcel whereabouts.

  1. The clarity of the entire company’s process

Everything should be within reach in this digital age, including the clarity of the company’s entire shipping process. You are expected to assemble a team that can professionally handle all shipping issues. The clarity isn’t merely about using multiple languages to send information. Part of the responsibility is to accommodate your client’s needs and queries through communication fields. Beyond booking a consultation or an appointment, automated services like chatbots are highly recommended for quick response times.

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