Robotics For Kids: Guide For Buying (With Best 3 Recommendation)

Robotics For Kids
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Many people think that robotics is only for those in middle school or high school but let me tell you that this is just a myth. Robotics for kids is equally beneficial. But how? In this article, you are going to learn all about robotics toys.

How Robotics Benefit Kids?

The robotics toys will help your kids learn how geometric shapes and maths support robots to perform several tasks. Learning robotics and coding at an early age can grant a successful career. Some of the best benefits that it provides to your child are it teaches them to think logically, builds problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. It keeps them entertained along with teaching. These skills help your kids in life.

What Should You Consider While Buying Robotics For Kids? 

In today’s world, having a basic knowledge of technology and robotics is very important for kids. When your child knows how smartphones, robots, and various products work, he/she will be comfortable in daily life. So, here is the list of the aspects that you should consider while buying robotics toys:

Quality Of Construction

Robots made up of Corrosion-resistant aluminum and metal would be a perfect choice. Products formed of polycarbonate and steel will confront falls, rough play, and other accidents. You should always buy the best qualitative robotics toys/kits that fall within your budget. 

Appropriate Features According To The Age 

Make sure you pick a robotics toy/kit that fits your kid’s age group and interest. There are a lot of robots that enable kids to build their robots from scratch. Many robots come pre-constructed and contain a simple program of remote control for all the younger users.

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The Programming Language

Even the most simplistic robots take into use one of the three most basic computer languages. There is an open-source named Arduino, designed especially for beginners. Blocky is another language that is specifically built for children to develop their mental skills.  

Top 3 Best Robotics Toys/Kits For Your Kids

  1. BB-8 By Sphero

If your kid is a Star Wars fan, he/she will love this. 


  • Very easy to set up
  • It contains the batteries of lithium metal 
  • Strong build


  • It demands 3 hours to charge
  • Games are not included
  • May your pet make misunderstanding for their toys

Cozmo Robot

This robot’s main aim is to teach kids coding. In the beginning, it allows kids to learn coding at their own pace.


  • Provides fun and random commands
  • Have the last long durability even in daily use
  • Teaches coding’s basics


  • Setting up may demand a while
  • Opening packaging can be hard
  • Limited supports and updates

Makeblock mBot Robot Kit

It provides a lot of modes and scratch based software. 


  • Quickly sets up in not more than a couple of minutes
  • Its storage box keeps parts and cables in the order
  • It contains an infrared remote


  • It may be not easy to use after updating
  • The ultrasound element could be defective

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