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Everything to know about Shamballa Reiki

Everything to know about Shamballa Reiki
Written by Ayush Porwal

John Armitage, also known by his spiritual names Hari Das Baba, Hari Das Melchizedek, or simply Das, channelled the Shamballa Reiki System or Shamballa MDH (multidimensional healing). With the guidance of the Count of Saint Germain, Mr. Armitage is said to have channelled this beautiful and complex scheme.

St. Germain was a well-known European alchemist who was intrigued by higher philosophical practices, such as discovering the elixir of immortality. He is now regarded as one of the great ascendant masters and the bearer of the violet flame. 

Shamballa Reiki and its Origin

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Shamballa Reiki can be considered as the development of the Reiki Usui system.

This system, on the other hand, contains information that existed prior to Mikao Usui’s learning. We can find extremely intense and nuanced meditations with ascendant masters, archangels, and other high spiritual forces within Shamballa Reiki. Shamballa Reiki seems to have the “flavours” of Atlantis within its teachings, as The Count of Saint Germain’s spirit was thought to be of Atlantean origins.

The reality of this theory is out of reach, and this theory is based on a number of different viewpoints. Shamballa Reiki contains a wealth of energy and information that can only be accessed through practise, self-treatment, and meditation. Regardless of who channelled it or how it came to be, the Reiki system is extremely successful.

It is not very easy to find a Shamballa MDH Reiki system Master/Teacher but if you want to start with it then you need to search for the master because it’s very rare that you can find a reiki master near and to find one you may need to travel long.


Shamballa Reiki makes use of a broader spectrum of Reiki forces than Usui Reiki. Shamballa energy allows you to use a wider spectrum of Reiki frequencies for all-around healing.

Usui Reiki

It’s a simple technique that includes laying hands on someone to shift energy by tuning in to their life energy. This technique’s name is derived from the Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki,” which mean “God’s knowledge” and “life force energy,” respectively. It cannot be taught in the traditional manner and must be “attuned” by the Reiki master. Shamballa Reiki is the same way. It is similarly passed on to the student by his or her master. Since the latent energies begin to flow freely, it can be compared to plugging a bulb into a socket.

Shamballa Reiki practitioners claim that their technique is superior to Usui Reiki in terms of efficacy. The explanation is simple: Usui Reiki practitioners follow a set pattern of hand movements. Shamballa Reiki practitioners, on the other hand, encourage their students to allow the energy to flow freely and reach wherever it is required. They are convinced that St Germain’s Shamballa healing energies allow a more powerful and direct link to the divine healing forces, resulting in a profound and intense experience for the person.

Shamballa MDH And Usui Reiki

Some Reiki schools teach all four stages of attunement, while others only teach the first three. Shamballa MDH Reiki differs in that it provides access to 352 spiritual stages. – one has a sacred (and hidden) symbol associated with it. However, the practitioner can only show certain symbols through meditation and practise. Since they are considered extremely strong, they are not exposed during the attunement process. This means they can not be accessed until the student is fully spiritually prepared. This concept is related to the legend of Atlantis, in which the whole continent was sunk as a punishment for the inhabitants’ lust and abuse of power. Whether or not this is right, the Shamballa MDH system remains, and some practitioners have deciphered some of the symbols over time.

Shamballa reiki and its Spiritual significance

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Shamballa MDH entails a great deal of responsibility and control for those who have been initiated. The practitioner achieves a new and higher level of consciousness and vibration until attuned to the master level.  The pace in which your karmic “debts” are resolved starts to pick up, and you must be ready to deal with them. This places the practitioner on a consistent course of concentration and spiritual growth potential. 

Since Shamballa Multidimensional Healing is more than just a healing mechanism. It represents a means of hastening your spiritual growth.

Shamballa Reiki is a healing method that can be used by those looking for enlightenment. It strengthens your connection to your higher self and brings love and powerful healing energies into your life.

3 Forms of energy with shamballa reiki system

There are many forms of energies in the shamballa reiki system and you can access these core forms of pure and caring energy once you’ve been attuned to Shamballa MDH Reiki. And the three major forms of energy among them are: 

Christ Consciousness

The 8th chakra – the Soul Star – is activated by this extremely powerful source of energy. It binds you to the Christ consciousness (regardless of your religion), engulfing you in pure love and energy, as the name implies.

It has the power to appear even in the darkest moments, in addition to the obvious cleansing effect. In this way, a path to light is generated in a dark situation.

Mahatma Energy

This energy is Extremely pure and also known as silver-gold violet energy.

It is said that even without an attunement, we can access it.  It does, however, arrive promptly whenever we want to access it. 

The Silver-Violet Flame Of St. Germain

This is a manifestation of high vibrational energy that is thought to belong to Saint Germain’s Count.

It has the power to burn the critical energy fields of bacteria and viruses, as well as disintegrate negative energies, systems, and ideas.

It can be used for meditation and self-treatment, as well as when you have extreme pain in a particular part of your body. Because of its high vibration, it is recommended to use it sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

When these three key energy types are combined with the Shamballa MDH Reiki system’s meditations, a person can experience extraordinary levels of healing and awareness.

The different levels of Shamballa MDH Reiki 

Following are the different levels involved in the Shamballa Multidimensional Reiki: 

Stairs, Success, Career, Luck, Chance

Level 1

  • General knowledge about Reiki, including what it is, how it functions, and how to do it;
  • Breathing exercises and meditations for chakra and energy field balancing;
  • With Archangel Michael’s guidance, you’ll learn how to cut the residual and divisive energetic strings. We also hear about his defence column, which can be summoned at any time.
  • How to invoke and use St. Germain’s silver-violet flame

Level 2

  • Cho Ku Rei, Sei He Ki, and Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen are the three basic Usui Reiki Rhoyo symbols and how to use them.
  • Only found in Shamballa MHD Reiki, with different attributes than those used in the conventional Usui Reiki system;
  • Access to the 22 sacred symbols thought to be imbued with Atlantean energy;

Level 3 or The Master Level

  • Cleansing and activation of the 12 chakras that lead to each of the energetic layers of the human body;
  • Access to the 352 symbols and the full potential of the Celestial Christ Consciousness
  • Connection to the Merkaba field (the Merkaba field is a high-vibrational defensive energy field that helps the practitioner activate dormant DNA sequences.) This intervention would open up new possibilities for gaining access to higher vibrations and perception.

These systems are used to support people in their transformation

It helps you to work with your third eye, increase your vibrational frequency, release all old and harmful energies, and erase karma from previous lives.

Shamballa Reiki and Its Symbols

The Shamballa MHD Reiki symbols are listed briefly below. These are the same as Usui Reiki:

Cho Ku Rei

purification, activation, protection, and energizing

Sei He Ki

Healing of the mind and heart

Hon Sha ze Sho Nen

Sending Reiki in distance and time

Dai Ko Myo

Reiki master symbol – brings pure light and energy

Following that, a couple of new symbols are added. They have a wide range of applications, but some of them are still unknown to us. It is up to each of us to increase our wisdom and awareness in order to comprehend them.


The origins of this ancient symbol can be traced back to Buddhist philosophy. It amplifies the calming energies and magnifies the therapy and self-treatment on others.

Mer Ka Fa Ka Lish Ma

When this is activated on a person’s back, it energises and realigns the chakras’ back projections.

Ho Ka O iLi iLi

When this is triggered on an individual’s sides, back, and front, it brings velour, respect, and energy.  It can be summarized in a single sentence for an individual as: “I am worthy, even though I am not perfect.”


It assists you in settling all of your unresolved previous issues.

Motor Zanon

It is also known as the ‘viral sign,’ and it assists in the fight against viruses, bacteria, and infections.

Atlantean Dai Ko Myo

It can be used to disperse imaginative and essential energies in your aura.

Tibetan Fire Serpent

When you’ve used up all of your resources, this symbol should be used.


It is made up of seven smaller symbols and is used to cleanse the meridians and balance the chakras. 

Palm Master Symbol

This symbol has the power to pull your true inner self, spirit, and mind together.


Generally used to distinguish the practitioner’s/energy master’s fields.

Abundance Symbol

This symbol provides you with a positive atmosphere and energy that will help you achieve spiritual and material success.


Shamballa Reiki is one of a kind in terms of assisting you on your spiritual journey. It gives you access to a wide range of healing energies and has a lot of potential for self-healing in the past, present, and future.

By removing blockages and residual mental concepts that are holding you back, the spiritual journey becomes more visible.

As a result, you’ll gain a deeper spiritual understanding of how everything in the universe is interconnected on both the physical and spiritual planes.

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