A Guide To Men’s Shoe Colour Combinations 2021

A Guide To Men's Shoe Colour Combinations 2021
Written by Medhaavi Mishra

In the last few years, men have become more and more conscious of how they dress up. Especially, in the corporate world, men and women need to dress up like they are ready to take on the world at every given moment. In the last half, a decade the dress code in the corporate world has started to loosen up, there are little twists and tricks, small changes that make our wardrobe a little more ours and a little less of what the world wants us to wear. 

A lot of people are getting concerned about their looks and in this fast-paced world, it is justifiable but only buying leather shoes online is not enough, perfectly blending them with your outfit is also your priority. 

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It really won’t make a difference whether your shoes are modern with the perfect measure of sparkle until the color doesn’t look great with your suit. In this manner, you need to realize which suits look good with which shoes. While some color combinations will conflict, and look off-kilter, others will be tremendously trendy and integral.

In the fashion world, just like every world, there are special rules and regulations. One such set of rules is reserved for the various combinations of men’s shoe colors. It is important to make sure that you don’t look too crazy about what shoes you choose to wear. For example – 

  • Dark colors shoes will in general look more formally intelligent than lighter options. For instance, black brogues are more formal than chocolate brogues, which seem more reasonable than tan brogues. 
  • White sneakers are a law unto themselves, they can work with everything in your wardrobe. You can wear them on almost any occasion. 
  • The sort of shoe you’re wearing can impact formality. For instance, wholecut chocolate Oxfords always seem more brilliant than black brogues.

Choosing the right look is hard in itself but then pairing it with the right color shoes is just a task within itself. Especially if you are someone who likes to wear formal shoes. Finding the right color of shoes for your clothes and finding the right clothes for your leather shoes is a task in itself. 

Today let’s try to understand how men’s shoe color combinations can be done, especially when you need a perfect combination of leather shoes for men and a complimenting wardrobe. 

Brown Shoes: 

A Guide To Men's Shoe Colour Combinations 2021

Let’s start by discussing everyone’s favorite brown shoes. Brown shoes are known for their versatility. Be it in leather shoes for men or any other material shoes, brown is the go-to shoes for all. First, brown is available in so many shades. We have chocolate brown, dark brown, light brown, sandy brown, etc. The list is endless. The lighter shade of brown you wear the more relaxed your whole look will be. However, you cannot pair brown with a tuxedo or a black suit. They are not made for each other at all. 

You can easily pair browns with denim too. However, please do not pair formal leather shoes with bell bottoms. They look horrendous, no matter the color. Brown Chelsea boots look amazing especially when paired with skin fit denim. 

Brown colored shoes make an incredible footwear choice for cream and beige color clothes. Light enough for the ideal summer look however exemplary enough to be worn to formal capacities. Brown colored is a triumphant decision. Pick among oxfords and brogues for a cleaned look or suede styles for a more loosened up look.

Blue Shoes: 

Blue Shoes:

Blue shoes are a beautiful piece of wardrobe. They are however a tricky one to pair with clothes. They don’t go perfectly well with formals and can go very wrong with casuals if not paired with precision. There are so many Blue leather shoes online available for men like the brogues really look great with light color suits. It makes you stand out from the crowd. 

They give you a laid back look but also makes you seem confident with the look and style. The sleek design and style of blue shoes are more visible as it is more of pop color. However, if paired well they can make you look like a fashion icon. 

Nobody has ever put deep thought in blue formal or informal shoes. These types of shoes can completely transform your look.

White shoes won’t work with a deep blue suit, dark blue formal shoes will. The more profound and more deep tone of blue matches well with the navy suit and makes a fair look. While the outfit can undoubtedly work for formal events, it’s additionally an extraordinary choice for less-formal occasions, especially when worn in a less customary way.

Black Shoes: 

Black Shoes

Black shoes are the go-to shoes for anyone and especially men. Formal leather shoes are mostly black. They are available in different colors but they are mostly preferred to be worn in Black. However, leather shoes for men especially in black look weird with casual clothes. They kind of just don’t go. Black shoes make you look classy and confident. 

Oxfords are the kings of formal shoes. There is no competition. They are the most formal leather shoes ever made. One thing that people don’t understand is that every person has a different personality and not everyone looks good in formals. There are people who look better with certain styles. Black shoes, however, look good on almost everyone depending on the type of shoe. Black shoes look okayish with chinos, not too good. Do not ever wear shorts and black shoes, they will make you look like a school-going kid once again. 

Grey suits and Black suits look best when matched with hazier shades of shoes. This implies that black shoes are the simplest and most ideal decision when you’re wearing a grey suit that is dark. The blend is obvious and classy. Remember it for formal events as an extraordinary option in contrast to a standard black suit.

Burgundy Shoes: 

Burgundy Shoes

The combination of brown and red-colored tones in burgundy shoes matches consummately with the dark blue of a naval suit. You know after wearing formal without seeming stodgy, burgundy shoes have an at the same time exemplary and contemporary feel. And remember you must stick to a sharp loafer, oxford, and leather shoes online, styles to keep a reasonably cleaned appearance.

Burgundy shoes can have a hitting look when compared with a light color suit. The intense difference makes a polished look with a tad of edge. Simply make sure to adhere to straightforward and sharp styles, for example, oxfords, to keep the look smooth and refined.

White Shoes:

White Shoes

When attending semi-formal events, cream and beige clothes can likewise be matched with white shoes. The light look is a reviving one and is ideal for open-air summer occasions. But you have to simply make sure to adhere to more easygoing styles, for example, loosened up brogues, loafers, sneakers, and even sports shoes to wear this challenging look in style.

White shoes are in trend and can be paired with almost all the colors. It gives a very positive look and makes you present clean and subtle. Your personality will look more charming and captivating. 

But, remember white shoes come with a lot of responsibility, you have to make sure that they are not getting dirty because if you are wearing dirty shoes, it can harm your overall look. Also, try not to wear them in the rainy season because once you walk on the road it will increase the chances of your white shoes getting dirty. 

Multi-Colored Shoes:

The right combination of high style and streetwear has brought sneaker shoes once more into the spotlight. Styles of 1990 are in trend nowadays, however, to pull them off requires some color-coordinating information. 

Anything you desire to call them, like – funky Shoes, Hippie style sneakers, father shoes, revolting tennis shoes, these legacy kicks are the new footwear style. Styling them isn’t simple, however with a little expertise, it tends to be finished. 

A decent general guideline with regards to style is that just a single component of an outfit ought to be an assertion piece, where the other fills in as a scenery.

A Guide To Men's Shoe Colour Combinations 2021


Picking the correct color shoes to coordinate your suit is fundamental to making a cleaned and a la mode outfit. Regardless of how sharp and smooth your suit is, in case you’re wearing some unacceptable shoes, your outfit won’t ever look right. It is nothing but an issue with the right color. 

You cannot overlook one thing over the other. You need to keep in mind that both things are pretty important, that is the color and the design of the shoe. You need to keep in mind the material as well. You cannot wear silk loafers with a black suit. You will look like someone who either is crazy drunk or just plain stupid. So, be careful of what to wear, how to wear, if you have any doubts ask for a friend’s opinion or Google.

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