8 Best Places to Visit in Odisha 2021

Places to Visit in odisha
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Places to Visit in Odisha

  1. Puri 

Puri is a delightful city arranged in the province of Odisha in Eastern India, only 60 KMS from the capital. It is situated along the cove of Bengal and offers an excellent sunlit scene with palm leaves and the flashing waves on the shoreline. The city thrives with assorted sightseers remembering the blessed admirers for the sanctuaries and sun relaxing travelers on the sea shore making it quite possibly the most respected spots to visit in India as well as the whole way across the world. 

It is one of the Char Dham for example the four most devout journey destinations for Hindus and obtains an enormous group during the heavenly Rath Yatra consistently. It has world celebrated sanctuaries, for example, the Jagannath Temple, Gundicha sanctuary, Vimala Temple, Loknath Temple and some more. It likewise has the panch tirtha, a shower into which one finishes the journey to Puri. Alongside delightful spots to visit, the city offers incredible work of craftsmans to respect and purchase from the nearby shops. 

The city offers a lovely seaside environment consistently in spite of the fact that it gets muggy in summers. The most noteworthy the temperature goes in summers is around 36°C and the least in winters is around 17°C. The best an ideal opportunity to be in Puri is around winter times as it is neither too hot nor excessively cold. 

  1. Bhubaneswar
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Referred to broadly as the “City of Temples”, Bhubaneswar has a solid traction throughout the entire existence of India. Also called the capital city of the territory of Odisha, this spot was under the standard of King Sisupala for an extensive stretch

 of time. The remaining parts of Sisupalgarh found close to Bhubaneswar city suggest that they originate before even the Mauryan realm. Holding a 2000-year old rich history, this spot presents the ideal mixture of a rural world that highlights great sanctuaries and splendid design and a cutting edge period that highlights prospering business and trade.  

It’s implied that Bhubaneswar is home to the absolute most significant attractions and energizing spots to visit in Orissa that pull in voyagers, all things considered, to the city. Significant strict destinations like Parasurameswara Temple, Mukteshwar Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Peace Pagoda, Rajarani Temple, and Ananta Vasudeva Temple push a weighty inundation of lovers and pioneers to this spot. While Udayagiri and Khandagiri, Ashoka Rock Edict, Odisha State Museum and Ratnagiri Buddhist Excavation draws in history buffs, Nandankanan Zoo, Indira Gandhi Park, Atri, Bindu Sagar, and Ekamra Kanan structure a heaven for nature sweethearts. 

In the event that you are an activity living holidaymaker, be certain that Bhubaneswar will not frustrate you. While you can investigate the state’s way of life at Odisha Modern Art Gallery and Museum of Tribal Arts and Artifacts, you can collaborate with untamed life at Chandaka Elephant Sanctuary and Nandankanan Zoological Park. While you can look for favors at ISKON Temple, you can go drifting at Nicco Park. 

The winters make for the best an ideal opportunity to visit this city, when the climate is soothingly cold. 

3. Konark 

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This noteworthy town, probably the best spot to visit in Orissa, lies on the Bay of Bengal coastline in the District of Puri. Konark is a significant social and legacy milestone in India making it perhaps the most-visited places in East India. The excellence of Konark lies in its different scene. Spotted with a few sanctuaries, galleries, and sea shores, with outlines of the Eastern Ghats behind the scenes, make it perhaps the best spot in the country for a profoundly otherworldly and unusual escape. 

Konark houses quite possibly the most remarkable models in the country-the thirteenth century Sun Temple. This UNESCO secured site portrays a chariot of Sun God with 12 sets of unpredictably cut wheels pulled by 7 ponies. Inherent customary Kalinga engineering, one can in any case see the remaining parts of the vimana, shikara, crowd lobby, ballroom, and so forth Another well known fascination here is the flawless Chandrabhaga Beach, one of the cleanest sea shores in the country, celebrated for its perfectly clear waters, regions of delicate fine sands, and tree-lined shores. 

Perhaps the best activity at Konark is to appreciate watersports at the lovely Chandrabhaga Beach. You can go through hours surfing, swimming, and swimming and adjust the day with a beachside huge fire. No excursion to Konark is finished without encountering the oddity and the excellence of the Konark Dance Festival to see old style dance exhibitions, tune in to customary music, and appreciate the magnificence of dazzling handiworks showed with the Sun Temple behind the scenes. 

Konark encounters very sweltering summers during March-June with temperatures arriving at 43°C. Storm a very long time of July-September see hefty rainfalls joined by inconsistent tornadoes. Cold weather a long time of October-February are the awesome visit when the temperatures drop to as low as 12°C. 

4. Cuttack 

10 Best Places to visit in Cuttack - Weekend Thrill

Situated at the tip of Mahanadi River Delta, this past capital and the second-biggest city of Odisha, and is among the most excellent spots to visit in Orissa. Cuttack follows its set of experiences back more than 1000 years to the Keshari tradition in 989 BC and is tallied among the most all around arranged ‘Thousand years’ urban areas in the nation now. The excellent waterside scene of Cuttack is blended with little waterways like Kathajodi, Kuakhai, Birupa, and Mahanadi. The few lovely pokharis (lakes), sanctuaries, fortifications, and lakes are settled in the midst of the eastern slopes and forested zones. 

The thirteenth century Barbati Fort milestones Cuttack and is an unquestionable requirement visit. Worked during the Ganga administration, the fortress used to be a 9-story royal residence spread more than 102 sections of land. You can in any case see the channel, tremendous sandstone dividers, and earthen hills. 

Visit the tenth century island sanctuary of Dhabaleshwar, which is well known for its delightful design and tranquil mood. Quite possibly the most fascinating spots to see is the stone revetment on the banks of the Kathjuri River. This shocking compositional accomplishment was set up in the eleventh century to break the progression of floodwater.  

While in Cuttack, don’t miss to take a road food visit to test the exceptional Oriya cooking. You can attempt bamboo biryani, prawn malai curry, Macher Kalia, Dalma, and so forth Spot outlandish greenery at the lovely Bhitarkanika National Park and Sanctuary. Chiefly known for crocodiles, you can likewise spot species like Olive Ridley Turtles, Egrets, Darters, and so on during the transient season. Go to the stunning Durga Puja festivities on the off chance that you end up visiting in October. The gold and silver decorated shoes here are renowned around the country. 

Summers are boiling in Cuttack with temperatures arriving at 39-degrees. The rainstorm downpours are hefty with cyclonic breezes. The best an ideal opportunity to visit is during the cool and lovely cold weather a long time of October-March when the temperatures drift around 20-degrees. 

5. Shree Jagannath Temple 

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It was implicit the twelfth century by the leader of the Ganga Dynasty. The most renowned celebration of Ratha−Yatra is held here. The principle gods loved here are Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra. The sanctuary fills in as a puzzling verifiable construction fabricated centuries prior. Individuals visit Odisha to acquire favors of Lord Jagannath. 

The sanctuary is based on a brought stage up in the core of the city. Encased with dividers around seven meters high. It is accepted that birds don’t fly over Jagannath sanctuary in light of the fact that there is Garuda, which drives the birds off, and there is no bird in the locale that can fly higher than the Jagannath Temple. There are likewise rules of visiting the sanctuary, and outsiders and non-Hindu are not permitted inside the sanctum sanctorum. Those brought into the world Hindu are the solitary ones permitted inside the sanctuary. 

Area: Bhanumati Way, Puri, Odisha 752002. 

Timings: Open 24 hours. 

6. Chilika Lake 

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The most bountiful saltwater lake and seaside tidal pond in India. Found 44kms from Puri. It is the main ground for transient birds. It is overflowed with all types of birds like; courageous women, ocean falcons, jacana, Flamingoes, and dark lay geese. This makes the lake an enjoyment for bird watchers. It is likewise the home of the biggest reproducing settlements of flamingos. 

It is one of the strong biological systems in the name Chilika lake Sanctuary. It likewise houses Irrawaddy dolphins that contrast from different dolphins with their shading and dorsal balance. The best an ideal opportunity to visit Chilika lake is from November to February as it is the season for transient birds, and one gets more extraordinary perspectives on the lake. It is just one of the spots to find in Puri. 

Area: Chilka Lake is spread over Khurda, Ganjam and Puri locale of Odisha. 

7. Gopalpur 

Very good place near Gopalpur, Odisha - Reviews, Photos - Jiranga Monastery  - Tripadvisor

Situated in Southern Odisha, Gopalpur is a conspicuous waterfront town of Gopalpur by the shoreline of Bay of Bengal. It pulls in various sightseers over time to appreciate a cut of tranquil life. It was a famous exchanging focus during the British rule and still known as a dynamic center for business exercises. 

It is a shelter for strict voyagers and has numerous famous spots to visit in Orissa like Maa Tara Tarini Hill Shrine, Bala Kumari Temple and Sri Siddhi Vinayaka Pitha. For the admirers of sand and sun, there is the Sonepur Beach, Aryapalli Beach and the Gopalpur Beach for the guests. To enjoy a reprieve in a plenty of natural life, the city has the Satapada Dolphin Sanctuary and Bankeswari. 

Features: Religious the travel industry, sea shores, fishing and so forth 

Best Time to Visit: October to April.

8. Daringbadi


Prevalently known as ‘The Kashmir of Odisha’, the awesome slope station of Daringbadi turns out to be an interesting town loaded with pine woods, falling cascades, and rich slopes. The town likewise shields many captivating levels and valleys where local people practice tea, espresso, and flavors manors. 

Renowned for its unadulterated normal excellence and stunning perspectives, this slope station in Odisha draws in honeymooners, picture takers, and nature sweethearts. Travelers visiting Daringbadi can take part in various energizing exercises including wilderness safari, journeying, and birdwatching. They can likewise climb to one of the grand slopes in the area and catch an amazing look at the staggering nightfall. 

Best Time to Visit: September to March 

Features: Rushikulya River, Hill View Point, Doluri River, Pataudi Waterfalls. Belghar Sanctuary, Lovers’ Point, espresso and tea manors.

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