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10 Tips to sleep better at Night

Written by Medhaavi Mishra

Sleep is an essential part of everyone’s daily routine; it is as important as exercising and eating healthy food regularly. And lack of sleep in your daily routine affects your brain functionality, hormones, and performance.

Sleeping less can cause gaining weight and an increase in the chances of having a disease in adults and children. And a good sleep can help you eat less and be healthier.

And lack of sleep is becoming a very grave problem, especially in adults and children, as they are more into phones and laptops, which is the biggest reason for them not getting proper sleep.

The quality and quantity of good sleep are declining gradually over the decades, and many people didn’t even get proper sleep.

And if you are also facing these problems and want some good sleep to optimize your health.

We are here with ten proven tips to sleep better at Night. 

Don’t consume caffeine in the Evening.

woman in white dress lying on bed

Caffeine has many benefits, and it is consumed by a majority of the people in the world, and a single dose of it can give you energy, enhance your focus and your performance in sports. But when the same is consumed late in the evening, it won’t let you sleep because it will keep your nervous system activity and will not let your body relax and let you sleep.

Caffeine can keep your blood stay elevated for more than 5-8 hrs, and this is the reason not to consume caffeine late in the evening. 

Reducing Irregular Day Naps

Having short naps in the day is very beneficial for our body, but having long and irregular naps in the day time can affect your sleep quality, and you won’t be able to sleep properly at night time. And having day naps for a long time regularly can affect your nighttime sleep, and you will always feel sleepy in the day and won’t sleep at Night.

Having longer daytime naps affects your sleep cycle and affects your health, and you can gain extra weight.

So if you are feeling sleepy during the day time, make sure it is a short nap only!

Increase bright light exposure

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Our body has a natural clock that helps us stay awake during the day and sleep at Night. This is also known as the circadian rhythm. And the bright natural sunlight during the day keeps our circadian healthy so that we can have proper sleep at Night as healthy circadian improves in daytime energy and nighttime quality of sleep. 

If you want perfect sleep at night, make sure to get at least two hours of bright natural sunlight exposure.

Fix your Sleep Cycle

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Fixing your sleep cycle time is also a very good way to improve the quality of your sleep, and if you fix a proper time to sleep and wake up, it will be for you to manage the time also. In different studies, it has been said that you should sleep for a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 8 hours. 

The other benefit of fixing the time for going to bed and waking up is that it will help you fix the schedule, and after some time, there will be no need of even alarm to wake you up because it will become part of your life. 

Don’t drink Alcohol.

Drinking too much alcohol at night is very bad for our health, and it can negatively affect our hormones and sleep quality, and time. And drinking alcohol can also cause snoring, disrupted sleep patterns, and symptoms of sleep apnea.

It changes melatonin’s nighttime production, which plays a crucial role in getting better and quality sleep. 

And it also stops the elevation of human growth hormone, which helps keep circadian healthy and different functions of the bodywork properly.

Optimize Bedroom Environment

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For good sleep, our bedroom environment is also a factor as many studies show that having a good environment in our bedroom helps you get more sleep and quality sleep. When you wake, you are fully refreshed and energetic.

The possible reasons for a good sleep in our bedroom are noise, temperature, external lights and how things are arranged in the room.

And if you want a proper and better sleep, try changing these factors mentioned above and then seeing the difference in the sleep quality before and after.

Change your Bedroom Temperature

The temperature of the body and bedroom can also affect the quality of sleep. As you might have noticed that in summer during very hot climatic conditions it is very difficult to get sleep without A/c or fan and during winter you can’t sleep properly because of cold.

And different studies have shown that increasing body temperature or room temperature can affect our sleep and increase our wakefulness.

Don’t eat Late at Night.

Eating late at Night can affect both your sleep and the production of HGH and melatonin. The type of food you eat also has different effects on your body when you have them late at Night as they affect your body differently. 

A high carb meal 5 hours before going to bed helps us in faster sleep, but if you take the same diet 1 hour before your sleep, it will lead to low sleep quality. 

So whatever you are eating before going to sleep, make sure it is healthy and good for your body and sleep.

Take a Shower Before Sleep

gray steel shower

If you are not interested in using the above, you will love this tip because taking a shower before you go to sleep is the best thing to do as it helps in good and relaxing sleep. A shower before sleep relaxes your whole body, and it feels like you are in heaven.

But if you are a person who does not like bathing at Night, then simply keeping your feet in hot water can help you get perfect sleep at Night.

Get Comfortable Bed, Mattress, and Pillow

white bed linen with white pillows

Have you ever wondered why you get a good sleep at hotels? If not, then the only reason behind it is the mattress quality, the environment, and the surrounding area’s temperature what helps you sleep properly. And different studies show that good quality beds can help sleep better, and poor quality beds can lead to back pain and other postural related problems. 

Keep changing your mattress in 3-5 years, as this can be one reason for not getting proper sleep.

These were some of the tips that everyone can use if you are not getting proper sleep, as if you will get proper sleep, then only you can work with full energy and refreshingly. And in the end, I can say only one thing:

Happy Sleep

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